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Chamu Lake

Chamu Lake was named as such because its water is like a complement to the “Duoyi Tree” described in the eponymous Chamu, a Yi epic poem about the creation of the world. Chamu Lake is adjacent to the downtown area of the county, while the verdant mountains form its backdrop. Chamu Lake is well-known for its crystal clear water that reflects the blue sky above. The shores of Chamu Lake are filled with lush trees, vivid And fragrant flowers, And various kinds of birds. Chamu culture of the Yi people is prominent here, And the Cultural Corridor depicts the thousands of years of stories of the Yi people, as well as the “root” And “soul” of the Yi people. Yi architectures are unique And crafty, And fully exhibits the qualities of the home of tigers. Stroll slowly around Chamu Lake, revel in the scenery Where the water And the sky emit the same color, Where the water And the landscape blend with each other, Where the views will leave one yearning for more.