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Gourd Plaza

A raging flood nearly destroyed all signs of life, but a giant gourd saved the brother And sister of Apu Dumu, which enabled people to continue to procreate. Thus, in the eyes of the Yi people, the gourd symbolizes an evil-banishing And fortuitous ark of life, as well as a talisman that brings auspices And fortune. It is a common practice among the Yi people to store water in gourds, Or even to hold And age alcohol that are served to the important guests. The Yi people also hang gourds on walking sticks as good luck charm, Or hang gourds on walls at home to attract prosperity And status to the household. Deriving “prosperity And status” (“fulu” in Chinese) From the gourd (“hulu” in Chinese), the gourds And the Yi households are destined together, And prosperity And status are eternal pursuits of humankind.

Gathering the sweet spring water From all directions for prosperity And status, may fortune prosper around the world forever!