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Plaza of World Origin

Six stone columns, three circular And three square, stand in front of the Plaza of World Origin. On the three circular columns are carvings of the “tiger sheng,” “big gong sheng” And “small leopard sheng” traditional dances of the Yi people, while the three square columns depict the origin of day And night, the origin of the four seasons, the origin of all things between heaven And earth, the origin of the sun, moon And stars, And other elements. The carved stone murals are majestic And magnificent, And From up close one could see how the intricate reliefs illustrate the quintessences of the time-honored culture of the people of Shuangbai. The handsome Apu Dumu, the forefather of the Yi people, is saving his people in the prehistoric era, And the ancient Yi people are performing the three bold And unconstrained “sheng” dances as a way to pray for the prolificness And prosperity of their race.