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Youzi Mountain

Youzi Mountain stands on the eastern side of the Chamu Lake Tourist And Scenic Area, neighboring a large body of water to its west, connected to Chamu Mountain to its south And next to the Tiger Mountain to its north. The highest point on Youzi Mountain is 1,960m above sea level, And on its 65,741.7 square meters of territory are scenic spots such as Cherry Blossom Garden, Tea Flower Garden, Thousand Pines Forest And Hundred Flowers Platform. While perched on the Hundred Flowers Platform, visitors could enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire scenic area, From the Chamu Lake And the Tea Flower Garden to the Cherry Blossom Garden. Meander along the trails in the mountain And become enveloped by colorful flowers that vie for attention. See the sceneries of the lakes And mountains up close, And naturally slow down your pace that has grown accustomed to the hectic life in the bustling city. See the wisps of smoke that emit From chimneys in the villages, And naturally a yearning to stay in this quaint countryside begin to surface in your heart. “The mountains And waters are elegant here, become a guest in this unfamiliar land,” live in the hotel in the middle of the mountain And enjoy the comfort as if returning home.